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What is SchemeServe?

Cloud based schemes insurance software, including powerful policy management, quote and buy software, online billing and beautiful MI reports, it’s full life cycle insurance broking software, underwriting agency software, direct debiting and insurer claims management. Learn more…

Who is it for?

SchemeServe is for MGAs, underwriting agencies, insurers, carriers, wholesalers, insurance brokers, and IFAs.

Use it to take your insurance schemes online, to cut costs or manage complex insurance operations. Learn more…

Many of the world’s most respected brands use ADM Network. Learn more…

Online insurance policy payments via PayPal, Sage Pay (ProtX) or Direct Debit/BACS/DataCash.

Drive down cost and take payment online

With our insurance billing software, payments can be taken online using either PayPal, Sage Pay (ProtX) or Direct Debit/BACS/DataCash. All documentation is stored securely online and e-mailed and logged by the software itself. All new documents you generate will be PDF and entirely paperless.

Documentation from prior years or documents received by other means (e.g. claims or survey documentation, TIFF or JPEG photos, PDF, Word etc.) can be uploaded in a snap and stored online along with specific policy or claim records.

Dare to dream of a paperless office, it’s possible – even in our industry!

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Offer great customer service as a result of powerful insurance broker, agency and claims management software.

Offer great customer service, and track it.

Using the strong policy allocation features in SchemeServe, you can measure the speed and effectiveness of individual staff or teams to ensure they meet adequate service levels, and even generate alarms if they don’t.

Using it’s granular rules engine, by it’s very nature SchemeServe makes the process of rating, binding and/or referring each policy highly – or even completely – automatic, even at renewal or adjustment stage, when rates can be tweaked automatically with or without user intervention based on Claims Loss Ratio (CLR) and other policy data. This means you can achieve extremely fast turn around of quotations, policies and renewals, while you monitor the results via our unparalleled real-time reporting suite.

One of our founding mantras is about putting you in control: you choose how much automation you’d like at every stage of the insurance policy life cycle.

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Get access to powerful, up-to-date insurance MI reports and claim reports.

Powerful, always up-to-date MI reports.

SchemeServe generates graphs and reports of the most important insurance MI metrics and claim ratios.

All of the MI data produced by SchemeServe is always up-to-date and generated in real-time across all your locations. You don’t need to wait for MI reports or MI graphs, nor collate anything. And you can export all the data to Excel or PDF.

As you edit and adjust your schemes and rating, your MI reporting suite automatically adjusts to the new content of your quotations and policies, and most importantly, allow you to compare the new data to the old, and even if your scheme changes your MI reporting and MI graphing suite will still produce meaningful data.

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React instantly to changing insurance markets, insurance premium and insurance claim trends.

React instantly in volatile markets.

SchemeServe has at it’s core a dynamic split-risk questions and ratings engine capable of dealing with new market situations with new scheme set-ups, new multi-dimensional rating matrices and reporting requirements – overnight.

Our most fundamental realisation when building SchemeServe was not only that your insurance business is complex but that it is changing every day.

SchemeServe insurance agency software is both dynamic and agile.

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SchemeServe features map showing: Take payments with PayPal, Sage-Pay (ProtX) or Direct Debit/BACS/DataCash, Powerful Rating Engine, PDF Documents, Wweb based, Graphs, Diary and Tasks, Conditional Auto Rating, User Hierearchy and more.

There's nothing to install

There’s nothing to install, ever.

SchemeServe is 100% web based so you’ll never need to install anything to use it. No installation disks, no downloads, no effort.

Automatically up-to-date with the greatest new features

Automatically up-to-date with the greatest new features.

Because it’s web based, you automatically receive all the latest software updates as they happen, and optionally you can even access new features months in advance via our “beta” version.

Give access to any staff member

Give access to any staff member.

Colleagues won’t need installation disks or help if you want to show them something or let them make changes, you just add them as a new user and they’ll immediately be e-mailed secure online access to the features you chose.

You can work from anywhere

You can work from anywhere.

Because it’s web based, you can use SchemeServe from anywhere: at work, at home, on the train, on your mobile phone, in the park, on the beach! And there are localised versions for the UK, US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

You'll never lose important data

You’ll never lose important data.

If your computer goes pop, or your office is destroyed, all your data will be preserved in SchemeServe, so your business can continue as normal. You’ll always have access to your data because it is stored on our secure servers under lock and key, protected by state-of-the-art anti-theft, fire and flood mechanisms.

Our systems are hacker safe

Our systems are hacker safe.

Our servers are always up-to-date with the latest security patches and we use the latest and greatest firewall and network technologies to prevent access by prying eyes.

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable.

We use racks of powerful servers to ensure that your SchemeServe solution always runs lightning fast and without interruption. Because we buy in bulk on behalf of all our customers, we have redundant hardware and resources at our disposal at all times, so everything always runs silky smooth.

We use it too

We use it too!

We use our own software to manage our business and store our confidential data. You can be sure we trust and utilise the same platform and servers as you do.

Compatible with everything!

Compatible with everything!

You’ll never have to worry about whether SchemeServe works on a new computer or device. SchemeServe works on everything: Windows, Mac and Linux, Mobile Phones and all the latest web-browsers (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer).

Your data is safer with SchemeServe

Your data is safer with SchemeServe.

Because SchemeServe is web based, your staff won’t store files on laptops, removable disks and pen-drives, so your data can’t be stolen or left on the train. And if your computers aren’t up-to-date with the latest security patches it no longer matters – your data is stored safely on racks of SchemeServe machines at a secure location, and automatically backed up daily.

Your data automatically backed up daily

Your data automatically backed up daily.

We automatically back-up all your data to multiple servers every day, and to secure off-site locations. Your data is also checked by a real person to ensure 100% integrity.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place.

Don’t worry any more about which computer you were working on yesterday, or whether you copied a file from one location to another: everything is always in the same place and you’ll find it in seconds, wherever you happen to be. Need to deal with something before you arrive at work? No problem, log-in while you’re on the move! Not finished but need to drop everything and rush home? Fine, just log-in when you get there and continue working.

We don't use 30-year old technology

We don’t use 30-year old technology

Being built from the ground up on entirely new technology throughout, our product is unlike any other you can find in the marketplace today. We are extremely agile and can adjust to changing market conditions in days, not months.

SchemeServe is a single self-contained software product that can be configured by your non-technical staff to meet changing requirements on a daily basis: it is not a mix-match of different products and software libraries sourced from different locations, it has been written, re-written and painstakingly tested for the purpose you will be using it for.

Some companies have been around longer than us, others have more staff or offices, but we are bureaucracy-free and better positioned to fulfil your goals than anyone.


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